Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hed Kandi album cover art.

So you went to a random music shop, looking up some random albums, and passed by these randomly at the dance/techno section:

Assuming that you haven't checked thoroughly every Hed Kandi cover albums, let's ease your repeated trips back to the store to find out who.

The illustrator responsible is Jason Brooks.

Google search his name and you'll find his main website along with a one hundred sixty plus thousand others who are true fans of his work.

Here's one gushing article on Jason Brooks:
Adam Wilkinson

Interview with Jason Brooks

There's a lot more Jason Brooks art out there, that I wish I post more here, but time's tight right now. Here's a suggestion, if you want to look out for more Jason Brooks art, not only you google in his name, just follow his fans & admirers.

Thanks for your time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who Draws Chowder?

Chowder mania has yet to hit my podunk country of Malaysia, but already has won hearts back in the US of A, with it's unique food-themed universe, and it's deceptively childlike atmosphere, but more importantly, it's characters, lead by the adorable Chowder himself.

But as you are in Chowder's grip (or tummy, depends), have you ever wondered, Who Draws Chowder?

Well, if you say CH Greenblatt, you're almost right, but a quick look at the credits, courtesy of the IMDb, has found two character designers:
Serapio Calm
Phil Rynda

Serapio has his own websites worth checking out:
Children's Illustrator

Phil Rynda has his own blog as well.

Have a look, and oh, Gong Xi Fa Cai from Malaysia!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Act from Cecropia.

Two things strike me about these images:
1) They're from an interactive "filmgame" called The Act from the company Cecropia.

2) The nurse is quite cute.

After further Google Searches, I came across these names on CGSociety:
Anthony Michaels
Rusty Stoll
Barry Temple

They were former Disney animators, refugees from when Disney closed the Orlando animation division in 2003. So far, only Anthony Michaels' homepage came up after a few a Googles. Here it is:
Anthony Michaels Animation
PS: He's the breakdown artist behind Belle from Beauty And The Beast, which explains the nurse, Sylvia.

Further deeper into The Act's Homepage, and you'll find the credits of the development team. There's a lot of animators out there on The Act, and I might googled them more, if I have time.

Meanwhile, check out The Act.

Cupid's Chokehold single cover art. [UPDATE!]

So who drew the cover art to the Gym Class Heroes' single Cupid's Chokehold?

It was Dave Crosland. Not only he did the cover above, he also did Scarface: Scarred For Life. He's now doing EVERYBODY'S DEAD to be published through IDW Publishing.

If you like to find out more about him, check him out:
Hired Meat.

Special Thanks to Bradalicious. And to JRut0711, sorry no prize, but hopefully you guys will be immortalised, someday.